What Christmas means too me


Hiya Hunnies I hope everyone’s having a fabulous Christmas eve I’ve just got back from work not so long ago and I’m currently just sitting down and relaxing  and enjoying the rest of my Christmas eve and now that I’m sat here I’ve just really started to think about what Christmas really means to me and what it’s all about…

Every year Christmas is advertised as a big spending holiday where we all spend loads on gifts for our family and friends which is nice as I like to their faces when they open there presents etc but that’s not what Christmas is all about as It shouldn’t be just about the gits. For me the essence of Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and remembering why we have Christmas day in the first place which is to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus! Now not everyone is religious and not everyone really takes the time to think or remember about why we even have a Christmas day but every year its traditional for me and all my family to go down to our church and just give thanks for another fantastic year. A lot of things have happened to me this year both good and bad and I’m not going too dwell on the negative things as that’s not the reason for this post but I just want too say that sometimes bad things happen to good people and it sometimes feels like we’re always the ones drawing the short straw but I’ve kind learned to deal with that in many ways and I often tell myself that even when things are going badly something good is just around the corner.  
So back on a more happy note! I guess I’m just trying to say that I really appreciate my family and Christmas is a time when I really get to show my appreciation to both my family and friends and I’m really able to sit back and relax with everyone knowing that everyone’s having a good time there’s no place else I’d rather be than with my family on Christmas day.
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoy your day x


  1. this was such a cute post, I love the christmas signature at the bottom, very festive!! I've followed you on bloglovin', would be great if you followed back!!


  2. beautiful post! Would you like to follow each other on gfc?

  3. I personally don't celebrate Christmas but this post was so sweet! Love the pics too :)

    Rushna | www.the-hijabi-diaries.blogspot.com x


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