Christmas Day Look #3

So far I’ve shared with you all two party looks for Christmas and I know that not all of you go for the option of dressing up on Christmas day, so today this post is for those who like to kick back and relax when it comes to clothing! What better way to honour Christmas day in a true festive fashion by wearing a Christmas Jumper?  when it comes to Christmas jumpers I really do think when it comes to the Christmas jumpers the tacky-er the better! It’s so ironic how once upon a time Christmas jumpers were regarded as unwanted Christmas presents from distant relatives and now people can’t get enough of them! I actually have a Christmas jumper myself and I’m going to wear mine on Christmas Eve since you all know I like to dress up on Christmas day!

There’s plenty of Christmas jumpers to choose from and if you haven’t yet got one then it might be a little bit too late but there’s always next year! When wearing a Christmas jumper I always like to wear a shirt underneath not just because of the fact that it’s nippy outside but because I like having the collar of the shirt just hanging over the jumper.

Since this outfit is for those of you that want to take it nice and easy on Christmas day, I’d pair this Christmas jumper up with a nice pair of jeans and some Ugg boots along side with a studded bag just in case your nipping over to someone else’s house on Xmas day this bag is the perfect size for just carrying a few things plus I'm totally loving the studs!

1.Christmas Jumper - Boohoo
2.Jeans -H&M
3.Studded Bag-

This the last of my Christmas day looks and I hope they have been of some help to you all!
What's your perfect Christmas day look?


  1. love the jumper!

  2. That is a very cute purse! I love the stud detailing

  3. I LOVE that bag, it's so cute with the studs! It goes perfectly with the UGGS :D xx

    1. I know i'm loving the bag as well I want to get it so bad!

  4. Love the jumper my friend has it and I've been disturbing her to buy me one. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Merry Christmas Hun :) xx

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster Award, I'm not sure if you've already done it, so don't feel obliged to! That jumper is hilarious by the way! xo

  6. i love that "jumper" (we say sweater in canada, haha).
    i saw a couple on etsy - i'm so sad i didn't get it.
    maybe next year?

    1. Haha, i'm glad you like it and there's always next year x


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