Wish List #1 - Spring Loving

Finally, after many cold winter days of wrapping up in our thick coats, boots hat, scarf and gloves the sun has finally decided to come out and show its face and I for one am very happy! I love spring, because the sun usually tends to be out and it just gets me in the mood for summer. So with that being said I have definitely had my eye on a few items that I’m dying to get my hands on!

THE BIKINI TOP – River Island £16.00

Now I’m not always one for showing skin simply because sometimes I don’t always feel comfortable baring all. HOWEVER this bikini top has my name written all over it! When I first saw this I didn’t actually realises that it was a bikini top and when I found out I was a bit disappointed because in my mind I thought It’d go well with a nice high waste black tube skirt! Ah well not to worry it would still make a great bikini!
THE EARRINGS- River Island £4.00

 I really like the fact that these earrings are oversized and I think the colours are a great contrast. This is something I can definitely see myself wearing.

THE PLAYSUIT – New look £22.99

I’m the type of girl that would live in Playsuits and Jumpsuits if she could. I love all in one pieces as I think there the easiest pieces to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. This playsuit is great for summer as I’m loving the washed out denim look. I’d most likely pair this up with a chunky gold necklace.
THE SKATER SKIRT- New Look £14.99

I think I actually have a unhealthy obsession with floral print so of course this has to be on my wish list, to be totally honest I’ve had my eye on this for a while now and I’m shocked at how I managed to restrain myself from buying it first time I saw it!
THE CROP TOP- New Look £9.99
I like the pattern of this crop top and I like how it’s not too short.

I love satchels, simply because of the fact that they give your outfit that vintage edge. This satchel is in a really nice pastel green colour and its detailing at the sides really gives the bag that extra something. Don’t get me wrong it’s quite pricey but this looks like the type of bag where you will definitely get your money’s worth.
 That's the end of my spring wish list! Whats on yours?


  1. I love each of these items! The pastels are so pretty and cheery (:

  2. such great pieces.. really wish they had River Island here in California


    1. Aw its a shame that they don't you could always try ordering offline and getting it shipped over but it seems like too much hassle at times!

  3. Love the crop top!


  4. The colour of that bag is gorgeous, I may have to treat myself on payday oop x

  5. great choices, jessica!
    i wish we had a river island in canada - they seem to have the best collection of clothing!


    1. It's such a shame that they don't have it!x

  6. very fun and summery items! hope u get all of them :D

  7. I'm a play suit kinda gal too, & I love that denim one!
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  8. Love the skater skirt and bag! Glad to have across your blog hun!


  9. Love the new look top and the ASOS bag! It's all so gorgeous I'm so glad Spring is here too

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  10. I absolutely LOVE that bikini! I wish I could wear bikinis like that but having large boobs makes it so difficult to find anything cute, fashionable and affordable that actually fits!! Love your wish list :)


  11. I love the denim playsuit! I love how a playsuit can be casual or dressy depending on what accessories and shoes go with it. They're so versatile.

    Just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying a good read through X


  12. Love the denim romper.



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