Bits and Bobs

So I nipped into town the other day and bought a few things and thought I'd share it with you all.

So as part of me revamping my jewellery I thought I’d pick up to some new gold earrings to add to my collection. These cost me £4.00 from River Island which is a pretty good price. I think what drew me to these earrings in the first place was the gold hexagon shape.
river island gold earings

 So I’m always open to trying new things and mascara is something that I always use and I often change brands. So far, shockingly Rimmel’s Scandaleyes  has been the mascara that I actually like. Now I know some people seriously don’t like this mascara because they say it’s clumpy and gloppy which in some respects is true but the formula itself is actually quite good. For me it’s just the brush that occasionally causes the lashes to join together but the way in which I put my mascara on actually prevents my  lashes from clumping.
Rimmel’s Scandaleyes
So the last thing I bought was this oversized headband from Primark. Don’t ask me why I bought it, I just really liked it and decided to buy it!

Primark flower headband
Has anyone else bought anything recently? x
Jess x


  1. Love your blog I will follow you on blog lovin and gfc for a follow back? Let me know when you follow me and then I will follow you x

  2. You look gorgeous! I really like the headbands but really can't pull them off. Love the look of those earrings too chick.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Following you back on GFC lovely :) || Chanelle Jade xx

  3. great post! I have followed your blog :)
    Shelley x


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