Beyonce cuts off her locks

Last week Wednesday Beyoncé shuck the nation by revealing her new daring hairdo. The Queen Bee is ultimately known for her long flowing extensions but Beyoncé has ditched the weave (something that she's rocked for years) and gone for a pixie hair do.

Dressed in a short sleeve printed T-Shirt With a gold chocker finishing the look Beyoncé uploaded a picture on Instagram to show off her new style. The hair is an ash blonde colour completed with dark roots.


This is such a fresh look for Beyoncé and it really brings out her cheekbones. Beyoncé is not the only one who’s took to the scissors and snipped away her hair. Jessie J, Rihanna, Miley and Anne Hathway and many more have decided to go for the short style. So I guess the only question is, who does it best? Have your saying by voting in the poll located at the top!



  1. Hey Jessica, thanxs for stopping by a my blog :)

    Totally love the short hair! Just wish I was brave enough to have one :)

  2. Rihanna looks AMAZE but I am not loving it on Bey. I think it looks very masculine. Ugh so sad to see her Sasha Fierce locks gone!

    Thanks for stopping by Pursuit!


    Pursuit of Shoes

  3. I love miley's hair change, my favorite so far :)

  4. I still think rihanna pulled it off the best - it suits her face!
    Saadiya x

  5. I like the short hair ! ;)
    thanks for the cute comment on my blog !
    Maybe we could follow each other if you want ?
    Let me know honey :)


    1. I like the short hair too hun, but I think Rihanna pulled it off best! Sure would love to follow you x x

  6. I love beyonce and almost cried when she did this. I love her long hair, real or not, how is she going to dutty whine with this?! Tragic! Rihanna suits the pixie crop though
    Tania x

    1. haha, i agree Rhianna does suit it more, beyonce is more known for her long locks!x


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