Lipstick Frenzy ♡

After hours (yes believe me literally hours) of me and my friend Olivia going round all the make up stores, boots, Superdrug etc I finally came to the decision of purchasing a BarryM lipstick.
I was a little sceptical at the time as I wasn't too sure on whether BarryM lipstick would be a long lasting wear but I knew with my Lipcoat ( which I'll get on to explain later) it wouldn't be too much of a problem. So I pondered for what seemed like forever, deciding on which shade would suit me best as buying lipstick is not something I can just quickly grab I have to make sure the colour suits me and it doesn't make my lips look toooo big! Anyway I decided that the BarryM shade in 153 was a nice colour and it wasn't similar to my other Kate Moss shade 107 which is a nice dark red or my Mac which is a nice pinkish purple or my Revlon one which I've had for ages and the colour is awful but when I was 14,15 I obviously had no taste in lipsticks! 


With a little help from my friend 'Lipcoat', BarryM is staying on for longer as Lipcoat is a product which you place over your lipstick which helps seal and fix colour for a longer lasting wear.


Overall I'd say so far I'm happy with my BarryM lipstick in shade 153 which cost me £4.49 which is fairly cheap, I also bought a BarryM  lip liner to go with the shade which cost me 2.99 and since Superdrug were offering 3 for 2 I couldn't resists purchasing some nail varnish also from BarryM.


Let me know what your favourite lipstick brand is and what your favourite shade six ♡



  1. Love this lipstick review! Following you here and your youtube channel! :)

    I also have a fashion blog if you want to check it out!


  2. Nice Review! This color is fab on you. I'm thinking about giving Barry M a try. My favorite lipstick currently is Guerlain's Kiss Kiss Lipstick in shade "beige mousseline".

    1. Aw Thankyou I'll have to have a look at that shade thanks for reading my blog x x x


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