My Yankee Candle Experience!

Hey everyone, welcome to my first ever blog post! I'm so excited to be starting this journey with you all. I have absolutely no idea what to expect along the way but I'm hoping only good things will come of it. I am going to do another post telling you all about myself but I thought i'd start off with sharing a review on my Yankee candle experience! 

SO recently I purchased the Strawberry Butter Cream Yankee candle sampler off eBay. I decided to order the sampler as Yankee candles are quite expensive. The Sent of the Strawberry Butter Cream candle is utterly divine. Even before I decided to light the candle it was giving off a great sent in my room. Due to it only being a sampler the candle doesn't last as long as the others but so far I have burnt it for 2 hours and there's still plenty wax left to go! Not only are the samples great for testing out new scents but there brilliant for little gifts and even putting in cute little candle holders. I have placed mine in a tea light that I purchased from Ikea a few months ago. You can be very creative with the samplers you buy and that's one of the good things about it! The sampler cost me £2.50 plus postage from Ebay.


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